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Building Your Website!

Here are a few basic steps to get the process rolling.

Complete my
"I need a website" Questionnaire

Send it to me so I can see where you are now and where you want to go. Click the button below to do that now and then come back to this page.

Learn About
Hosting Plans

Hosting is pretty much what it sounds like. You buy some space to have your site up and online. Without it, you'll never be seen and there's certainly no need for a website.

Buy Your
Domain Name

You need to get your URL (Uniform Resource Locator - another way of saying your web address).  Click the button below and grab yours at Namecheap. It's about the easiest way to go.

Decide What Your SIte
Will Look Like

Some clients know EXACTLY what they want and others just tell me to go for it and create whatever I think is best. Most are somewhere in between and need to do a bit more research. 

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