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What is "Hosting" and why do you need it?

Hosting is pretty much what it sounds like. You buy some space to have your site up and online. Without it, you'll never be seen and there's certainly no need for a website. Unless they have some knowledge in this area, most of my clients hire me to do their web hosting. The reason they do that is because I monitor and take care of the website every month.

Neglected websites are one of the biggest reasons that they are hacked. Things like themes and plugins and other stuff become outdated and vulnerable to hackers. Usually clients who don't host with me at first, end up asking for the service later after their site is compromised in some way and we have to rebuild everything. So don't purchase hosting for your website until we've had a chance to talk. We'll discuss all the options in advance so you can make an informed decision about features & cost. And if you're interested in knowing why hackers spend their time and energy hacking websites, this is a great article on the subject.

Below are the two options I offer to my clients. You can move from one plan to the other at any time (although there are implications of this) and you can cancel at any time. Please be sure to read my Terms of Service regarding refunds.

The Kitchen Sink Plan

$150 / Month

  • Secure Hosting for 1 Basic Website
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Monthly Database Backups
  • Monthly Updates of All Plugins and Platform
  • Site security to mitigate hackers
  • If the site is hacked, we will rebuild it for free

The Keep It Secure Plan

$49 / Month

  • Monthly Website Backups
  • Monthly Database Backups
  • Monthly Updates of All Plugins
  • Monthly Updates of Platform/Theme
  • Hosting is NOT included
  • Hack Insurance is NOT included.

Pay Annually and Save!

Pay Annually and Save!

Please note that this pricing is for a basic website. Please contact me for more information and a customized quote.

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