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Five Powerful Marketing Trends that Will Increase Your Revenue

Marketing helps you connect with your customers so you can increase your brand awareness and ultimately stimulate sales, but not any marketing technique will do. In order to be effective, you will need to use a strategy that allows you to reach the right people at the right time in the right format. The process…

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Does Facebook Posting Really Matter? (and how to get it done in 5 steps)

Very few businesses are asking questions about why they need to use social media. The simple facts are, they need to use it, and they know they need to use it. But the big questions come from how to use social media and how to do it easily. Not all social media platforms are created…

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How Writing 1 Email Newsletter Drives 20-50 Additional Patient Visits per Month for this Chiropractor.

Introduction Over the last several years I’ve worked with small business owners all over the world. In that time, I’ve not only helped them grow using the power and reach of the internet, but I’ve also gotten a chance to learn a thing or two from some of the best out there. If you pay…

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The 2 Things Business Owners Must Do Online to Beat Their Local Competitors

It’s no secret that small businesses are making some huge strides in their local communities and demanding their share of traffic and business. With that extra notoriety, however, businesses are facing tremendous competition. And with that competition, it’s more important than ever that your business is employing some core Online Marketing Strategies. Here’s Why Knowing…

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Project: Lari Averbeck

Lari Averbeck is a Realtor® with RE/MAX Metro is St. Petersburg, Fl. Lari has a unique market base and needed an updated website and overall look for her brand. Having worked with Lari on several projects in the past, it was great to be able to create a clean, user friendly website for her. Visit…

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Why Hackers Hack

Understanding “Why” helps protect you “Why do hackers want my website?” Is the question we’re asked many times. There are two answers to this. First, for fame. Second, for money. Fame isn’t something most would associate with criminal activity, but it’s not the type of notoriety most people are accustomed to. Often times, if your…

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Project: Caldwell Management Solutions

Caldwell Management Solutions is a boutique leadership/management consulting firm. They provide leadership, management training, coaching, and speaking to organizations that want to add value to the people with which they serve and work. Dr. Caldwell-Thompson reached out to me via LinkedIn to discuss her expanding business. She wanted a new look and feel for her…

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3 Ideas for Making the Most of Your Website or Blog

Chances are you’re putting a lot of time, energy, and effort into your blog or website. Are you getting the results that you want? Are you achieving your online business goals? If not, you may not be making the most of your website or blog. Test, Test, and Test Some More The best way to…

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What is Twitter and What Are the Benefits?

How Twitter Benefits Social Media Marketing And Brand Building There are a handful of big players in the social networking world. Twitter appears to be one of the sites that continues to grow in popularity. In fact, according to research complied by Brickfish, as of October 2013 there are 231.7 million active users on Twitter…

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