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Social Media Definition

Have You Noticed How The Social

Media Definition Keeps Changing?

Social media has for years been known by its stalwarts Facebook and Twitter, but just among the other major social media platforms, there are so many different ways to engage in social interaction online. Nowadays everything is going mobile, so all the teens are using apps like Snapchat, and the market continuously changes, redefining social media on a regular basis.

So when it comes to the social media definition, you can definitely see now how at just face value it continues to change over and over again. If you get down to its base social media was first represented as a way for people to have their own personal space online and interact with others.

With that general description and definition of social media, you can see how all the different social media outlets have played off of that type of platform. After all, being ‘social’ is about interaction, so there must be some way for site visitors or app users to interact. That is the constant that remains when it comes to social media.

Otherwise, everything else about social media can change, including the media type used and what form of interaction is taking place. You never know what devices will even be used in the future, but the term social media is here to stay. Perhaps one day it will be something for the history books, but it won’t be anytime soon.

After MySpace practically disappeared, people wondered what social media platform was next and would take over. But the thing about it was, it was time for all of them to practically take over. Of course Facebook is still the king at the top, but what happens when people really do stop even thinking about Facebook one of these days? Where will social media be? What about Twitter?

Instagram is a popular social media platform when it comes to photos, and you can thank branding for it helping to make it as a separate platform. You can post pictures on Facebook and Twitter, so why post them on Instagram? That is the question you have to ask yourself if you’re using a new social media app or want to design one. Why would people want to use this app?

Social media is often mob driven, but not necessarily in a bad regard of course. Social media is whatever is popular among the masses, and that’s what seems to stick and work for people. They use what they like, and they continue to change the way people interact online.

Of course technology itself changes the social media definition, as does other changing markets out there. If you were to take one guess what social media would be like 10 years from now, what would you say? Do you think we will have moved on, or do you think it will still be a major player?

One thing for sure is that social media has become a huge market for advertisers, which is yet another reason why it’s so popular. People like to use these platforms, and businesses can reach consumers using them. It’s an online industry that has caught on with the search engines as well, as social media results are typically prominently displayed at the top of the first page.

Of course social media also has its own unique definition for everyone, what is means to them and why they use which platforms they use. The thing about it is there are plenty of social media outlets to keep everyone engaged, and a modern form of social interaction on different levels would be the best social media definition out there.

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social media definition

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