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Facebook Tools

Essential Facebook Tools
For Small Businesses

Social media is quickly becoming a pretty dominant force it terms of driving traffic flows in the web. In fact, the social web is threatening major players like Google, yet it is something that most business owners tend to overlook.

Individuals are spending less time going through the web on their own and are now depending on their friends recommendations and activities. This trend has even led some internet marketing experts to believe that social media could become the next search engine.

Facebook, one of the most famous social networking sites, has become an integral part of the consumer web experience and internet marketers, business owners, as well as advertisers, need to know how to leverage this platform.

Facebook has a couple of features that go beyond the basic social networking. From social media marketing to advertising, this medium has a lot of tools that prove beneficial to businesses that want to make more of an impact on the internet.

In this post, we shall take a look at a few Facebook tools that any business should take advantage of:


Hashtagging, which is basically making keywords with the “#” symbol, is an essential feature that gives you the opportunity to join a larger conversation. Primarily found in other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and recently introduced on Facebook, hashtagging creates a clickable link that includes your post in related topics even outside the network.

The Pages Managers App

This is a free app from Facebook for both iOS and Android. Basically, the app lets you as an admin seamlessly post content from your mobile device. You can be able to manage events, upload multiple images for single posts and keep up to date with a live page feed.

The latest versions of this essential app can be found in both the Google play store and Apple App Store

Page Insights

Think of Google Analytics. Facebook ideally gives you metric data that enables you to track the performance of your page. Page insights will allow you to see how many people like your page, the number of users who saw the as well the demographic data about the readership of your page. Perhaps the most important feature of insights is the illustration of the particular content that engages your readers.


Facebook has a location feature that allows you to add specific locations to your posts using GPS technology. By incorporating this to your post and mentioning your business as a place, users will be able to check in upon arrival and essentially provide the location of your business.

Promoted Posts

This is one of the best Facebook tools, especially for small businesses that wish to promote their content but do not have a huge budget for advertising and marketing. For as little as five bucks, your post or content will appear higher on your target audience’s newsfeed, and this will give you a better chance of engaging with them.

Scheduled Posts

If you wish to maintain a steady flow of content but do not have the time to monitor your page, you do not have to worry as Facebook gives you the option of scheduling your posts at a later time.

When creating a post that you want to appear at a later time, all you have to do is click on the clock icon found at the bottom-left of the sharing tool and add the time you wish the content to be posted.

Graph Search

Introduced back in 2013, graph search is one of the most useful Facebook tools when it comes to optimized searches for specific targets. This search bar includes a wide range of search results outside your known network and provides results based on your interests as well as connections.

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