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Facebook Ads Manager

How To Get The Most Out

Of Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook ads manager is the tool that allows you to create new campaigns, manage and edit existing campaigns as well as review analytics for your ads. If you decide to use Facebook to advertise your products or services, you need to become familiar with this tool and learn how to use it to improve your campaigns. Here is how you can get the most out of this ads manager tool.

Organize your campaigns and ad sets

Facebook gives you the possibility to create different campaigns and ad sets. This structure is designed so that you can organize your ads by themes or by product in different ad sets and organize your ad sets under a campaign.

You can for instance run two campaigns for two different products and create ad sets for each buyer persona you are targeting. There are many ways to organize your ads and you will need to figure out a structure that makes sense for your campaigns.

Review your bids regularly

Facebook ads manager provides you with a simple interface where you can place bids for your ads. Your ads will be displayed to users only when you have a winning bid. This tool allows you to easily stay within a budget for your campaigns but it also means you will have to compete with other advertisers to get your ads displayed.

You need to constantly evaluate the results you get from your Facebook ad campaigns to make sure you are not bidding more than what a click is worth.

Run tests between ads

You can easily improve your ads by running two similar ads at the same time and comparing results. This is a good way to determine which headline, copy or pictures is more likely to generate a click or a sale.

This is a fairly simple strategy but implementing series of tests on the long-term will help you gain a better understanding of the audience you are targeting and you will eventually find the perfect formula to always create relevant ads that make users want to click.

Use the scheduling tool

Facebook ads manager includes an amazing scheduling tool you can use to have a campaign start and stop at specific points in time. You can use this feature to create your ads in advance and to decide when they will be released. You can also use this tool to create temporary campaigns and automatically stop them when you want to run another series of ads.

You could for instance use the scheduling tool to automatically launch some ads as soon as you receive more products in stock. This is a convenient way to manage your campaigns without having to manually start or stop campaigns.

Create ads for your mobile app

Do you have a mobile app for your brand? With a significant portion of Facebook users accessing this social media platform from their Smartphone, you should consider running Facebook ads for your mobile app. This is a great way to increase awareness for your app and to get more downloads. Facebook allows you to create two types of ads for your app.

You can create some ads to encourage users to download your app and create another series of ads to increase engagement with your app once a user has downloaded it.

The ads manager tool provided by Facebook includes several features that will help you get great results with your ads. You should take the time to explore these different features and ask yourself how you could use them to run better campaigns.

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